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Message from the Preschool Director 
Knollwood Baptist Church Through-the-Week School started in September, 1972 as a mission of the church and community. We have celebrated over 40 years of excellence in our church and community. TTWS offers a program designed to meet the needs of each child - cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our staff tries to create an environment where learning can happen when the child is ready and at his/her own rate; thus, much of teaching occurs on an individual and small - group basis. 
We are a half-day program from 9:00 am - noon, with an option to stay for Lunch Bunch from noon - 1pm for all ages. We run on a school year program from September - May. Our classes range from Infants (3months) - Readiness (5 year olds). 
Our specials during the day for 2's - 5's include Yoga, Environmental Workshop, and Music. The ministers at Knollwood Baptist Church lead a weekly chapel for our 4's and 5's. 
Our curriculum that we use is the Creative Curriculum. This curriculum is developmentally appropriate and is based on theory and research as to how children learn. This curriculum allows the children to take responsibility in their learning. The teachers develop themes and lessons based on the child's interest.  
We are fortunate to have teachers who have a heart for children. TTWS has 27 staff members, the majority of our staff has 4 year degrees and several have master's degrees. We require teachers to participate in continuing education each year. 
I have been asked by parents, what makes Knollwood Baptist Through-the-Week School different? I tell them that we love to have fun and you will hear lots of laugher in our hallways. The laughter you hear and fun you see will be from both the children and teachers. Our goal is to teach children to love learning and that learning is fun.   
Rev. Lucrecia "Chris" Norman, Preschool Director
Through-the-Week-School  Mission Statement
In keeping with the mission of Knollwood Baptist Church and the values held by the congregation, Knollwood-Through-the Week-School strives to be an excellent outreach and service to the community by providing for the mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of each child, recognizing the need for each child's individual growth. 
Knollwood Baptist Church
Welcoming Statement  
Knollwood Baptist Church is an inviting, inclusive family of faith open to all persons, whatever their race, gender, socioeconomic status, special needs, or sexual orientation, who want to walk in the way of Jesus.