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Proposed 2019 Ministry Plan

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The Mustard Seed That Changes Everything

"What do you like best about Knollwood?"


Visual Identity Task Force
KBC Communications Survey Excerpts


Music Ministry

Music Ministry Transition/Search Committee Report - 10/2018

Music Ministry Background and Leadership Profile

Top 5 Trends of Music Ministry and Related Recommendations


 Dr. Setzer's Statement of Support for Our Jewish Neighbors
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2018 Annual Report


Stewardship Letter, March 14, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions



Approved 2018 Ministry Plan
(includes 2017)

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Dr. Ken Wilson's Retirement Statement
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Dr. Setzer's Statement about Charlottesville
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Approved 2017 Ministry Plan

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Wellness & Community Center

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The renderings of the Welcome and Community Center
 were prepared by our architects Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce.