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5:30-6:10 p.m. Dinner is served 

6:00-6:15 p.m. Sharing celebrations and concerns 

6:15 – 7:00 p.m. Evening program


Fellowship Hall


September 13, 20, 27


Option 1
Come to the Table

A large group exploration of connections food, hospitality, and justice, with guest speakers offering expert perspectives. In the fellowship hall. All are welcome.

Session One - Sep. 13
Food and Meals in the Biblical World
with Dr. Leann Pace, Department for the Study of Religions, Wake Forest University.

Session Two - Sep. 20 

Gumbo and African American Religion
with Dr. Derek Hicks, Wake Forest University School of Divinity.

Session Three - Sep. 27 - Vengan a la Mesa
A conversation with young Hispanic leaders on issues that matter
in their (and our) community.


Option 2
I Wasn't Expecting This!  Dilemmas Encountered in Aging

Cathy Wilson & Linda Browne, Building A, the Pilgrimage Classroom

One thing that people frequently say when talking about challenges they have encountered in aging is “I never expected this to happen.” During these three sessions, we will be talking about several issues that are commonly encountered in the aging journey:  a diagnosis of dementia; inability to continue living independently; difficulty navigating the maze of services that may be available to help. We will consider these issues both from the perspective of adult children and couples/spouses as they age. Please sign up by contacting frontdesk@knollwood.org or 336-725-1343


Option 3
Zentangle® - What is it?

Sylvia Marvelli, Building A, The Resource Center Meeting Room

Zentangle® is a method of using drawing to induce a meditative state. 

Sometimes called “yoga for the brain” the Zentangle Method
is a series of repetitive patterns and deliberate strokes resulting in beautiful
unplanned artwork and a relaxed sense of being. 

Anyone who can hold a pencil can do this. 

People who are sure they are not “creative, artistic, or talented” are always delighted and surprised to see what they can create. 

Come join us to discover your inner creativity and experience a renewed sense of well being. This workshop will be limited to 10 adults. All materials will be provided. 

These materials will be available for purchase ($10.) to participants wanting to continue practice at home. Please sign up by contacting frontdesk@knollwood.org  or 336-725-1343. 

 “Anything is Possible… One stroke at a Time.”®



To listen click below

Dr. Bill Leonard & Dr. J Lee Hill discussion

KBC Wednesday Night 8-30-2017