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 The Lenten Journey with Jesus


Lent is a 40-day season of spiritual reflection, prayer, and
service that anticipates the church’s celebration of Easter.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14.



Ash Wednesday Service/Lunch 


Our Lenten journey will begin with a noon mid-day in the Chapel. Worshipers who wish to participate will receive the imposition of ashes upon the forehead.

 A soup and bread luncheon will follow in the dining room.

Ash Wednesday

6:15 p.m.

An intergenerational beginning to Lent, with all ages together learning about this sacred season, moving through multi-sensory prayer stations, and sharing the imposition of ashes among families and friends.


 Lent and the Art of Mending Brokenness

 By Dr. Diane Lipsett

Minister of Faith Formation and Education

The Japanese practice of kintsugi is the art of mending broken ceramics using a resin filled with gold, silver, or platinum dust. Broken bowls, cups, plates, or vases are not discarded, nor are their breaks disguised, but become more beautiful in their shining repair. The centuries-old art (sometimes also called kinsukuroi) poetically conveys a commitment that resonates with our faith. Lent may remind us that breakage and repair are part of the history and the significance of persons and communities. Our breaks, scars and wounds need mending – but not disguising. Mended yet visible, they may offer beauty.



Wednesdays in Lent

We’ll explore “The Art of Mending Brokenness” as we move toward Good Friday and Easter – and those stories that say Jesus’ scars remained visible even in resurrection.

  • We’ll learn from Sylvia Oberle (Feb. 21) how a particular part of our city is moving toward mending.
  • We’ll hear from Rodney Stilwell (Mar. 14) how neighbors in jails and prisons are finding their way toward hope and opportunity. 
  • Rich small group options will include an exploration led by John Roach on the writings of Richard Rohr. 

In these and other ways, we’ll listen to one another as we reflect on how breakage and repair are a vital part of our own stories. 

Wednesday Night Schedule

 Knollwood’s Lenten Devotional Guide

Lent approaches, a sacred time to refresh creative devotional practices. We are delighted once again to offer a devotional guide created by Knollwood members and friends. Some contributors have written reflections on scripture and life, while others have offered artwork and photographs.


Flourishing With the Spirit

Led by God’s Transforming
Power During Lent

2018 Lenten Devotional Guide



 A Light in the Dark:


Encountering the Gospels During Lent

2016 Lenten Devotional Guide