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Africa Exchange, Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Exchange provides the program support for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionaries to partner in Christian missions with local, national, and international groups in Kenya. Working in partnership with poor, marginalized communities in each of the eight provinces in Kenya, integrated child development centers (ICDC’s) have been constructed to serve as centers of early childhood education and community development. KBC has been an active partner with Africa Exchange with three mission teams traveling to Kenya to provide training for preschool teachers, assisting in construction projects, and developing and supporting healthcare initiatives at the ICDC’s. In addition to supporting ongoing educational and healthcare services, our gifts are being used to enable these poor communities to develop local solutions to their marginalized existence – such as beekeeping, fish farming, and community gardens that allow the ICDC’s to become self-sustaining and the communities to experience the dignity and hope of their God-given purpose, promise, and significance.


Project AMOS, Nicaragua

Project AMOS is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to improve the health of impoverished communities by working alongside them in health, education, and development. It is supported by the American Baptist Churches.  Project AMOS focuses on the vulnerable sectors of society in Latin America — people living in extreme poverty, especially women and children.  Project AMOS seeks sustainable and effective approaches to global health problems through partnerships with local communities, churches, governments, individuals, and other organizations. Local leaders are taught to identify problems according to local needs, develop solutions, and implement health interventions that are beneficial for the whole community. The AMOS staff is a team of over 50 individuals committed to working together to make health care services for some of the most vulnerable people in Nicaragua a reality.  The AMOS team is led by AMOS co-founders, Drs. David and Laura Parajón. They have been living with their three children in Nicaragua since 2001 as medical missionaries through American Baptist Churches International Ministries.  In the summer of 2015, Dr. Bob, Beth Fields, and Mark Jensen visited Project AMOS and the Parajons. In addition, Mark and students from the Wake Forest Divinity School make regular visits to the program in Nicaragua.  Knollwood's Sew and So's have made water filters for Project AMOS funded wells.


CBF Field Personnel Cindy and Eddy Ruble

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Missions mobilizes field personnel working in over 30 countries and regions collaborating with partners worldwide. Many of CBF's field personnel stand with and among the most neglected, sharing the gospel and God's love. These individuals serve among the most marginalized and least evangelized people around the world through holistic, sustainable, and transformational mission and ministry in collaboration with churches, individuals, and partners.

Cindy and Eddy Ruble, who are members of Knollwood, are the presence of Christ in many different ways in Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Their ministry includes disaster response and development, education, U.S. scholarship program, advocacy in preventing child sexual abuse and domestic violence, promoting gender equality, raising awareness regarding human trafficking, and engaging in interfaith action and dialogue.  Eddy is the son of Peggy and Gene Ruble.


Pico Escondido/Vida Joven, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic www.picoescondido.younglife.org

Roy and Rebeca Clifford work in both the Dominican Republic and Central America. In the Dominican Republic, Roy’s focus is on maintaining, expanding, and enhancing Pico Escondido, a beautiful retreat center designed primarily to provide a place for Dominican adolescents, primarily low-income, to have transforming Christian experiences in outreach camps and discipleship retreats, with continued growth and mentoring by their Young Life leaders as they return home. A total of 1,102 attended outreach camps in the summer of 2015. In addition, the camp ministers both to and through work teams coming from the United States, as they contribute volunteer labor to construction projects at both the camp and in communities. Finally, the camp has become an ecumenical retreat setting for churches and non-profit organizations across the Dominican Republic. They had 5,589 people participate in camps and retreats at Pico Escondido in the last fiscal year. Now there are few weekends each year without groups. Knollwood’s own Roy Clifford arrived in the DR in 1998. Since that time, the camp has grown from an empty piece of property to a fully equipped camp with housing for over 180 and facilities that improve every year. Teams of youth and adults from KBC have traveled to Pico Escondido three times, working on projects both at camp and in the communities where Young Life is active. Rebeca provides operational and financial management for Young Life in Central America, as well as supervising staff working in Panama. Currently, Young Life has 84 clubs in Central America, with an average weekly attendance of 2,269 adolescents.


Additional Information is available on the websites listed below:


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