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Prayers for the Welfare of the City

During Lent 2017, members and friends of Knollwood Baptist Church are invited to share in a daily practice of praying for the welfare of our city. The prayer texts included here  run from Monday through Saturday and may be used each week during Lent, expressed at any time of day in any place. By sharing words and concerns, we create communal intercession and perhaps a wider reflection on our city than sometimes emerges in our prayers. Yet we will also want to personalize these prayers. Each day, as you move through the series of intercessions, notice which one or two requests seem most pressing or vivid to you on that particular day. Slow down or stop. Express in your own words the concerns that most touch your imagination and spirit. In that way, our prayer practice may be shared but not rote, unified but not uniform. May grace be upon our city and upon you as you pray.

A Calendar of Children’s Prayers for the Welfare of the City

Chrissy Hardy and the Children’s Ministry have created a wonderful companion piece to the adult Prayers for the Welfare of the City: an inviting calendar with sentence prayers for children and families to pray. Each day’s prayers are thematically linked to the adult daily prayers. When we reach Holy Week, families may reach back and combine all the Lenten prayers for that day of the week, gathering our intercessions together in the approach to Good Friday and Easter.

A Lenten Bible Study Guide: Mark’s Passion Story Deep and Wide

This guide written just for Knollwood members and friends offers six weeks of daily readings and reflections, following Mark’s Gospel through Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem. Written by Richard Vinson and edited by Diane Lipsett, the guide invites us to shared study and reflection, whether done individually or in groups.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six 




 A Light in the Dark:


Encountering the Gospels During Lent

2016 Lenten Devotional Guide