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Knollwood Cares is a ministry of congregational care. It unites the diaconate, the congregation, and the staff in ministry teams designed to meet specific needs of our church family.

Every Knollwood member is invited to find a place of service on a team. You can make a real difference in the lives of others and be blessed and encouraged in your own journey of faith. Please join us as we serve together.  Training and support will be provided as needed.

Members are encouraged to let the church office know of needs, 336-725-1343.



Director: Tom Ginn

Bereavement Team

Captain:  Debbie Pruitt

This team provides ministry to persons experiencing loss, especially those grieving the death of a loved one. When appropriate this may involve visiting the home, providing care items, visiting at the funeral home, attending the funeral, writing notes and making phone calls to express concern & support, and providing follow-up care & support.


Hospital Visitation Team

Captain:  Margaret Mauney

This team works with the ministerial staff in organizing visits to members and/or their families who are in the hospital as well as providing follow-up after discharge.  The team members may write notes or cards of encouragement or phone where appropriate.


Loving Hands Team

Captain:  Lynn Roach  

This team ministers to persons whose temporary needs for support are not met by another KBC ministry team or group. Through visits, telephone calls, and cards, team members provide emotional and spiritual support to the person or family.

This team also works with church staff who coordinate in-home communion for homebound members, if they wish to receive it.


Memorial Reception Team

Captain:  Trina Jackson 

This team serves our members during their time of grief by providing funeral/memorial service meals or receptions for family members and friends. The team provides food, assists with set-up, flowers, serves and cleans up after the meal.

New Member and Visitor Contact Team

Captain: John Danforth

This team serves as a welcome committee for new church members and those considering membership. Team members will be responsible for efforts such as building relationships with individuals & families visiting the church & considering membership, meeting new members for Wednesday night dinner & fellowship, introducing them to other Knollwood members who will assist in welcoming them into all aspects of the Knollwood community, calling visitors to thank them for attending service at Knollwood & answering questions, assisting all family members in finding their place in various church activities.


Reconnections Team

Captain: Katy Boles

This team helps the church to stay in touch with church members or families who, for a variety of reasons, are not presently active in the life of the church. We simply want to let those with extended absences know they have been missed. This is primarily a telephone ministry.


Transportation Team

Captain:  Renee Hinson 

This team functions to provide transportation to and from Sunday morning church services as requested by church members. By placing team members into groups, the responsibility for the transport of any one member can be rotated.